The FAA has bestowed an STC for Desser’s fully TSO’ed Tundra tires and Grove’s robust TSO’ed wheel & brake system

December 3, 2019 By kent

News flash !!!!!!
It’s has finally happened. The FAA has bestowed an STC for Desser’s fully TSO’ed Tundra tires and Grove’s robust TSO’ed wheel & brake system for 4 models of general aviation aircraft.
Jeff Walker at Seaplanes North now owns the STC , to be used with Desser’s tires and Grove’s wheel and brake kits. The first 4 aircraft that are covered under the STC are the PA18, CESSNA 180 &185, and the CESSNA 206. The initial size tires that can be used with the STC are Aero Classic smooth 29/11-10 4 PLY, and its baby sister, the smooth 850-10 6 PLY. At this time, the 31” smooth tire is not on the STC, but is in the works to be added. This means all three sizes will be available for installation on the 10” Grove Wheel and brake kit, from 24 to 31” diameters.
Now there is a cost effective, legal methodology to use the high quality, heavy duty Grove wheel and brake system, along with the long wearing and highly deflected Desser Aero Classic tubeless Tundra tires. Kits will be available from Seaplanes North, and Desser to support these aircraft covered under this STC.
If you have never seen this kit system, it comprises a new, lightweight TSO’ed wheel, disc, torque plate, 2 puck heavy duty caliper, with 66-108 long wearing brake pads designed especially for these tundra tires. The three sizes of Tundra tires offered, give the pilot his/her choice of flotation and diameter to suit the conditions being flown.
Introductory Kit Price : $3995
Item                            Description                                                                             
31334 / 028-1027      Piper PA18 kit w/1.5” axles, & #2 850-10 6PR AC smooth Tundras
31334 / 028-1027B    Cessna 180/185/206 w/1.5” axles, & #2 850-10 6PR AC smooth Tundras
31331 / 028-1027       Piper PA18 kit w/1.5” axles, & #2 29/11.00-10 6PR AC smooth Tundras
31331 / 28-1027B     Cessna 180/185/206 w/1.5” axles, & #2 29/1100-10 6PR AC smooth Tundras