SensAIR ®  : BERINGER is bringing up your level of safety, again !

SensAIR ®  : BERINGER is bringing up your level of safety, again !

July 30, 2020 By kent

The new SensAIR system connects a pressure and temperature sensor, integrated to your tubeless BERINGER wheels, to a mobile app or an analog reader, to give you a live pressure and temperature information on your tires. The sensors switch off when the app/reader is not active so the battery can last 2 to 3 years. Each sensor has a unique serial number that is paired to the
app/reader so you cannot read your hangar neighbor’s tire pressure by mistake! Low-pressure alerts are programmed into the mobile app so you are notified when your pressure is running low.
No need to remove your fairing to check your pressure ! thanks to SensAIR you can verify your pressure before take-off to avoid tire bursts or unusual wear. SensAIR will be available mid-October 2020, combined with a mobile app or a reader to connect to your cigarette lighter socket. Retail price for 3 wheels with a free access to the mobile app or a reader will be around $600/500€.
A special limited offer will be announced for the first customers! Stay tuned…

Shock Wheel ® HL: suspended wheel for aircraft up to 3,300 lbs/1500kg. Preserve your airframe in rough environment (off-airport, glider towing, light
school, … )  Vu le succès de la Shock Wheel After the success of the Shock Wheel for ultralight and light sport aircraft, BERINGER has developped a heavy duty version of the suspended wheel system.
 2 oleo-pneumatic shocks per side with anti-bounce, anti-roll and high energy absorption capabilities
 120mm/4.7’’ of travel
 Mounts in 2 hours on spring gears, in addition to BERINGER wheels and brakes
 Robust design and manufacturing

It will be certified for Cessna taildraggers, stay tuned… Ultralight rubber tailwheel Ø150mm / Ø6’’ For Van’s RVs, aerobatics, Jodel, … Le pouvoir absorbant est optimisé grâce à l’utilisation d’un élastomère polyuréthane. The absorption capacity is provided by the use of a polyurethane elastomer. The rubber is replaceable! Max static load = 159kg/350 lbs.

Max speed rating=60km/h/100mph Soon available, stay tuned!