November 7, 2019 By kent

November 6, 2019 — Bend, Ore. — Epic Aircraft announced today the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) has granted Type Certification for its E1000 all carbon fiber aircraft design,
concluding a rigorous seven-year program that establishes a new industry standard for
performance, price and ramp appeal in the personal aircraft marketplace.
“This is a remarkable accomplishment for our entire community,” said Epic CEO, Doug King. “I
want to thank our employees, who have worked so diligently to deliver this exceptional design,
as well as our partners, suppliers, and customers, who have faithfully supported us each step of
the way. It has been a true team effort, along with the fantastic support of the FAA.”
The Epic E1000 is based on the company’s experimental Epic LT model which was introduced to
the market in 2005 through an owner-assist build program based at Epic headquarters.
“Transitioning that design into a certified version was the chance to offer a truly compelling
product to the industry, a ‘no compromises’ aircraft that customers would really want. And they
do,” added King.
Epic has over 80 confirmed E1000 reservations from around the US, as well as Canada, Mexico,
Central/South America, Europe, Russia, South Africa and Australia.
“We had some opportunities to speed things up along the way, to get certification earlier,” said
King. “But that would have required some tradeoffs that we weren’t willing to make. We
consider performance to be our brand, so we decided to make it perform. And we did!”
The first seven E1000 customer aircraft are in various stages of fabrication, bonding and
assembly, with initial deliveries slated to begin this year. All Epic manufacturing, engineering and
administration operations are based in the U.S.
Epic has doubled its composite fabrication capacity, invested heavily in tooling, equipment,
curing ovens, and refined workflows to accelerate E1000 production ramp. The company is
currently running two production shifts, with plans to further expand operations. Production
Certification is targeted for the first quarter of 2020.
“The FAA has a difficult job, overseeing a very challenging process, ultimately aimed at keeping
us all safe,” commented King. “They have been a great partner, collaborating with us throughout
the program, and certainly contributing to the structural integrity and safety of the E1000. We
are very excited to begin this new chapter in the Epic Aircraft story.”
Learn more at epicaircraft.com.
Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Epic Aircraft, LLC is a privately held, design-driven aviation
company that conducts all of its engineering and manufacturing operations in the United States.
Epic specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance, all composite, six-seat
single-engine, turboprop aircraft. The company currently employs over 300 full-time staff. For
more information about Epic Aircraft, please visit: www.epicaircraft.com.