November 6, 2019 By kent

We’re dedicated to the passionate pursuit of flight technologies that deliver intuitive operations to make flying easier and provide advanced capabilities designed to help make flying safer. It’s a bold vision that grows directly from our legacy of innovation and leadership in aviation. The tradition continues with Autonomí, a family of solutions that adds automated, safety-enhancing tools for the aircraft, pilot and passengers.

Flying has always been rewarding — for pilots and passengers. Yet, with friends, family and colleagues on board, the pilot is responsible for keeping that precious cargo safe. Now there’s a new way to protect them — Garmin Autoland. It takes complete control of the flight to land the airplane in an emergency where the pilot is unable to fly1.

Garmin Autoland can engage automatically when it determines the pilot is unable to fly — or passengers can press an activation button2.  The system selects the best airport for landing, considering runway length, distance, fuel range and other factors.

Garmin Autoland navigates around hazardous terrain, obstacles and weather as it flies to its destination.  It automatically communicates its intentions and routing to air traffic control and passengers.  At the destination, Garmin Autoland lands the aircraft and stops on the runway so emergency services can reach passengers3.

With Autonomí, we’re creating the systems that will take us into a new era of flight and further enhance efficiency and safety — from personal and business aviation to urban air taxis. And we’re just getting started. We’ve been an instrumental part of the dramatic changes occurring in aviation today, and we’ll lead as it changes even more tomorrow.