October 17, 2019 By kent

ICON owner Julian Gates enjoys fishing with his family and often goes out on his boat in search of kelp paddies where they can catch yellowtail. In search of a better way to follow his passion, Julian has taken to the skies and now uses his A5 to help spot those often-elusive feeding grounds. Flying just a few hundred feet above the water, he can spot kelp paddies and then circle back to land in the perfect position. Once on the water, they’re able to gear up and jump into the water from the A5’s Seawings to catch dinner.


ICON has attractive close-out offers available if you’re ready to sign an A5 Purchase Agreement before the end of 2019 for delivery in 2020. If you’re thinking about flying your A5 next spring or early summer, now is the time to connect for a great deal.

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